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Welcome to Billie & Grace

Stylish, practical & comfortable pieces for Ladies & Children that will tell a story whilst they take you from home to your social events effortlessly, using natural & organic fibres.

Billie & Grace came to life from the wonderful memories of two amazing women, my ties to rural Australia and a strong desire to have a positive impact on Australian women through a creative outlet.

It was our vision to create timeless pieces that are comfortable, practical yet chic & stylish with a nod to our past. Pieces you will enoy for many years & that will be passed onto the next generations. This slow fashion journey will continue to evolve & grow over time and you will get to share in seeing our new collections and pieces as they come to life.

Join Andrea, Annette & the Billie & Grace team in their journey of ensuring you can purchase beautiful, ethical & sustainable clothing that is made right here in Rural Australia!

Our Aim

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Phone: 0409829735

Facebook: @billieandgrace
Instagram: @billie_and_grace