Ladies & Children's Clothing Mindfully Made In Rural Australia!

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Why you should know what’s in your clothes fabric!

It’s all in the fibre!!  As a strong believer in using only natural fibres in our business I want to share with you why that’s important to me by sharing a little snippet of what happens when using man made fibres including polyester, nylon and acrylics etc. Microfibers are tiny strands of plastic that shed off synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon and nylon. Scientists have discovered that they are one of the main causes of plastic pollution in the oceans, says Peter Ross, vice president of Ocean Wise in Vancouver, British Columbia.Sure there was a time in my personal life when I just loved any type of fashion I could get my hands on. I’m a creative at heart and...

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Slow Stylish Fashion

What it is that Billie & Grace wants to create for you!! To create timeless pieces for you that helps to slow down the “fashion hampster wheel”. When we make a garment it is our goal that it  be in your wardrobe to be worn for many years and in 10 years time I want you to get that top or dress or pants out of your wardrobe and still feel confident and stylish to wear it.    I believe fewer garments that are of the highest quality you can afford is the most sustainable option for you, your wallet and the environment.  When you are picking a new piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe, I want you to...

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Welcome to Billie & Grace

Billie & Grace was created out of a desire to celebrate  Australian Handmade Clothing, Gift & Homewares that are ethical, sustainable & stylish. Always with a tendency to opt for Organic or Sustainably sourced items in my personal day to day life it seemed natural to create a business with the same philosophy. Being a rural girl myself I started to think how tricky it was to find clothing that was practical, comfortable yet stylish & chic oh and don’t can forget well made.  It used to take was a lot of time and patients to find such items wanted and so I thought how good it would be to handmake these items and sell them throughout Australia. And so the...

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