Ladies & Children's Clothing Mindfully Made In Rural Australia!

Slow Stylish Fashion

What it is that Billie & Grace wants to create for you!!

To create timeless pieces for you that helps to slow down the “fashion hampster wheel”. 
When we make a garment it is our goal that it  be in your wardrobe to be worn for many years and in 10 years time I want you to get that top or dress or pants out of your wardrobe and still feel confident and stylish to wear it. 


I believe fewer garments that are of the highest quality you can afford is the most sustainable option for you, your wallet and the environment.  When you are picking a new piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe, I want you to take them time to look at what you already have and ensure your new purchase can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe.

Clothes aren’t just an essential item in your life, they are a way for you to tell your story and your style and to add another layer of confidence to your life. 

I personally believe that when you look good in something you instantly feel better. Clothes are a way to express your mood and to tell your story. 

It’s also very important to us that you have a choice to purchase quality clothing that is made right here in Rural Australia from Australian made fabrics or Oeko Tek Linen from Europe. This allows you to not only purchase quality, long wearing garments but to also feel good that your purchase is supporting your local economy in many ways and also the slow fashion movement. 

Much Slow Fashion Love To You. X