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Capsule Collections Subscription

This unique idea was born from wanting to provide you with beautiful essential pieces to add to your wardrobe with an element of surprise and also to show you how less pieces in your wardrobe can work if they are great core pieces to mix n match. 

As part of the B&G collection family you get to pay a small amount each week to receive a beautiful parcel right to your door Bi Monthly. 

The pieces are designed to be seasonal so you can enjoy them throughout the year whilst mixing and matching them with your existing wardrobe. The collection over a 12month period will ensure great essential wardrobe pieces that truly will bring your wardrobe together. 

We want to help show you how less is more in the fashion world and how it’s important to pick sustainable pieces that are made ethically from natural fibres in a slow fashion manner. 

You get to select one of 2 capsule sizes that will suit your budget. The Minimalist Capsule includes 2 beautiful garments whilst The Essential Capsule includes 3 garments. The nice little incentive of the capsule prices mean you save around 20% off the total price of each collection (if you purchased them individually) which is a nice little savings over the year.
As an added bonus for becoming part of our Capsule Collection Family you will also receive 10% off anything outside of your capsule that you order throughout the year.

The Capsule Collection will arrive straight to your door bi monthly and are hand crafted to your size in our sewing studio in rural nsw. 

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