Ladies & Children's Clothing Mindfully Made In Rural Australia!

About Us


Hi there, welcome to our little online home for Billie & Grace. Thanks for taking the time to pop by and check it all out.
I'm Andrea the founder of this slow fashion label that is handcrafted in the historic area of Dungog in Rural NSW.
I'm a dressmaker, mumma to a divine 2 year old who lights up my world (and keeps me well on my toes), wife to my best mate who works so hard for his little family. 
I love creating classic pieces that bring you joy and that you will cherish and wear for generations to come. 
My mum Annette & I love being able to work together carrying on a skill that 2 very special people in our lives helped teach us. You know when you have that truly special nanna or aunty who will remain etched in your soul forever? Well that is exactly what my Great Great Aunty Billie is for me and also the reason the business is named after her and my Great Nana Grace. 
It's truly something special the skills our great grandmas had with sewing and creating a stunning outfit out of nothing because they were quiet simply clever or hand crocheting a gift because it was tresaured more.
I want to share the love of this age old art form of sewing with you all. The art of taking a piece of fabric, hand cutting it and drafting it into something truly divine.
To show you the absolute beautiful difference our choice of only using natural fibres makes to how you feel when you wear your clothes and how long they will also last. I live to see our pieces being worn and making you feel truly beautiful.
May you relish in the knowing when you purchase a piece or many pieces of Billie & Grace clothing that we do a little happy dance every time and our hearts feel full knowing we are doing our bit for the slow fashion world.
Much Love 
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